About MeI would love to visit your school to present Albert's Old Shoes to students from Kindergarten to grade four. I will use pastels or markers to show how much fun + read more it is to draw characters for a story.
Albert's Old Shoes is about soccer and belonging and having friends. It was written by my son Stephen and I made the illustrations with pencil crayons. Children from Kindergarten to grade four continue to enjoy this book.
Gynn, is about a family pet guinea pig. Gynn is out of print but your VSB school library may still have a copy. I am always happy to present the story while encouraging children to write and illustrate their own little books about their pets.
These two books were published many years ago but they are still lively and relevant to issues of belonging and making friends. In the story of Albert, the difficulties of feeling bullied at school can sometimes initiate discussions about how this feels and how to deal with it.
I am a retired professional illustrator. I have been working in schools making art with students as a visual artist in residence through the recently cut back VSB AIR Program.
I write picture books and just completed a manuscript for 11 to 14 year old girls which I am expanding into a graphic novel. I am not sure if I will find publishers for my works but I continue to write and to send out and to hope. I love working with students to create stories and expand creative ideas. If you invite me to your school, I would consider it to be a privilege. Show Less

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Published WorksAlbert's Old Shoes by Stephen Muir illustrated by Mary Jane Muir
Scholastic-Tab Northwinds Press
isbn 0-590-71378-7 (bound)
Republished and distributed by Stoddart-Kids
ISBN 0-7737-5777-5 (pbk)
Paperback copies available - order through Kidsbooks from Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Gynn written and illustrated by Mary Jane Muir
Scholastic-Tab Northwinds Press
ISBN 0-590-71546-1 (bound)
ISBN0-590-71513-5 (pbk)
out of print

Speaking InformationKs to grade fours are the perfect audience for Albert's Old Shoes and Gynn. I will draw pictures of Albert, Bill the Bully and Gynn the Guinea pig with + read more pastels.

With older students in Grades 5 to 7 we can talk about story boards, writing and illustrating. I will bring in some of the original pencil crayon illustrations for Albert to show students and we can talk about using coloured pencils to create images on paper.

If you invite me to your school I'll bring along one free paperback copy of Albert for each teacher to keep for their class. More paper back copies may be purchased but advanced notice is needed to arrange for this.
I will also bring sheets of paper finger puppets of Albert and his buddies for the children to keep. Later they can cut them out and take them home for their own stories and plays.

A library setting works best for K's to Grade Four. A classroom setting is better for grades five to seven. No more than 60 students at one presentation please. Sessions are about 45 minutes with Ks and up to 60 minutes per session with Grades 1 to 4 and grades 5 to 7.

Please note: The testimonials below relate to my work as an artist in residence who makes art projects with teachers and children. I have been away from book presentations for a while, but this year, I would love to visit your school as a visiting author/illustrator. Show Less

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  • Vancouver
  • Lower Mainland

    I Present to Age Groups:
  • Grades K-3
  • Grades 4-6

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TestimonialsI am recommending Mary Jane because I know that she would enhance any fine arts curriculum and move + read more children to bring out their own creativity.
Peggy Bochun, Coordinator, District Fine Arts Vancouver Board of Education
Show Less
Mary Jane was an excellent artist in residence in our Kindergarten class. Mary Jane always came + read more prepared with ideas and materials and created lessons that were creative and engaging for all students. My students looked forward to working with her on art projects that were fun and imaginative. I hope to work with her one day again.
Eva McIntyre Show Less
My Kindergarten and Grade 1 students had a wonderful time with Mary Jane, painting seahorses, fish, + read more and other marine life, they learned to experiment with colour, brushstrokes, line, and shape. They were truly enchanted by the experience of cutting out flowers, plants, insects, and birds to make a magical garden mural. The rest of the school was amazed by their creations! I would definitely recommend Mary Jane as an artist in residence.
David Johnson, Teacher Show Less

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