About MeI grew up in Adelaide, Australia, where I taught school for many years. I loved teaching children to read and my favorite thing to do was to tell them stories. + read more History stories, geography stories, stories about spelling, or arithmetic – it is all stories I decided.

When I arrived in Canada I worked in a truck factory and then a lumber
company. Later I worked in video production which led me into the airline
industry, paper mills, and even an aluminum smelter.

Whatever I did, though, I always felt steeped in story. I realized that you can look at everything, and everyone around you and there is a story. I always wanted to share my stories with children and now I am beginning to do so.

The first book I published is called A Rare Gift and is the beginning of the Crystal Journals series. The second, called Pharaoh’s Tomb, and set in Ancient Egypt, was launched December 2016. I have now finished writing book three, which is called Lady Knight and set in Medieval Europe. I expect it will launch mid to late summer 2017.

I feel that I read more books than I probably should. I sometimes wish that I had a magic crystal which would take me on fantastic adventures - and in some ways, I guess I have.

I am a storyteller.

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  • Middle Grade Fiction

Published Works"A Rare Gift". Comwave Publishing House Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0973687118
ISBN-10: 0973687118
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Historical / United States / 19th Century

Ten-year old Susan Sinclair is a typical girl whose most exotic pastime, in the normal course of things, is her weekly martial arts class. But when a complete stranger gives her a rare crystal while she’s at a flea market with her parents, everything changes.

When Susan sleeps, she wakes up on a nineteenth-century migrant ship headed for New York City. On the ship, she meets a young boy named Jeremy who was orphaned at the beginning of the vessel’s journey.

When Susan attempts to return the crystal, she learns it has chosen her to go to places in the past where something is wrong and must be set right, and she can’t give the stone away until it determines the time is right. Susan, who does not even like Jeremy, is outraged.

However, as her travels through time continue, she softens toward the unfortunate boy and decides to give this new adventure a chance. But on one return visit to the ship, a bully steals the crystal – and Susan finds herself stuck in the past.

"Pharaohs Tomb".Comwave Publishing House Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0973687132
ISBN-10: 0973687134
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic,
Juvenile Fiction / Historical / Ancient Civilizations

As the Guardian of the Crystal of the North, young Susan Sinclair must help restore balance throughout history. But can she survive the incredible adventure awaiting her in ancient Egypt?

When Susan is suddenly pulled away from her home and she watches her crystal dwindle as she travels, she feels truly lost.She lands in mud, water, and reeds. She has nothing. Soldier find her and take her to a mysterious man who has summoned her to Egypt and is very disappointed to find that his
summoning produced a young girl. He

Speaking InformationAs an ex school teacher I am always pleased to present to a class of children. The subjects I feel most comfortable tackling are:-
The historical + read more aspects of my novels
How to enrich your own writing, descriptions, better use of words. Actions.
I love answering the children's questions

My presentation are always geared to being very interactive, I encourage the children to participate and to add their own thoughts and opinions to the on-going activities.

My web site has a section for teachers and parents, where I have pulled out thoughts on areas of study which could arise from reading my books.
I always welcome questions from the web site, and answer them as fully and quickly as I am able. Show Less

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  • Vancouver
  • Lower Mainland
  • Gulf and Vancouver Islands

    I Present to Age Groups:
  • Primary School
  • Grades K-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7-8

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Awards and Recognition:My first novel A Rare Gift has been shortlisted for the 16th Annual Chocolate Lily Award in the + show more Novel category.
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