About MeI facilitate art & writing Virtual workshops - including Zoom -around my books. I integrate creative writing, art and storytelling, It culminates in a + read more celebration and showcase of the work done.

"Dodoland"​ emphasized Imagination,"Magical Earth Secrets"​- environment, "Miracle Galaxy"​- healing & angels, Dream Wheels"​ - dreams including a 40-year history of my dreams which have been manifested. Plays of my books have performed - Museum of Natural History, B.A.M., Smithsonian, 3rd St. Music School, hospitals ( Sloan Kettering, Metropolitan Hospital and Children's Hospital), and schools. They were performing for 7 years in N.Y.C. I also personally storytell my books and have workshops on both writing and art tailored to individual groups. My paintings/stories - story told and workshopped in Canada, U.S.A., Guatemala, Mexico, England, Holland, Austria, Korea, Japan & Bali. In 1979 6,000 copies of Dodoland were gifted to needy children and in 2020 6,000 digital copies were gifted of the book I illustrated with writer Aaron Zerah. In 1995 an ezine was created called Dodoland on the internet and has had two million people visit it.

In surviving a health crisis I created "Miracle Galaxy"- a story of healing with eight angels who help those in crisis. All the Angels represent the chakras of the body and the goal is to create health ,happiness and healing. My latest two stories, "Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth" and "Star Galaxy for the World' have many messages for this challenging time we are going thru now with the Pandemic. The Magical Earth Secrets was performed in Japan for seven years. The Miracle Galaxy is being videoed in May of 2021 in Japan. Earth Action was created in 2021 after being developed with the Buckminster Fuller 'Space Camp'.

I am honored to be chosen with 144 Artists for the Design Science Studio r(Evolutionary) Buckminster Fuller Institute and HaRitual for 2021/2022 cohort program which is part of a ten year Vision and look forward to this experience and collaborations Show Less

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Published WorksJourney to Dodoland : Bird Helmet Productions, L.A. 1977
Magical Earth Secrets. Vancouver, BC: Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 1990. ( Best Seller)
Environmental Activity Guide. Azatlan, 1992.
The Out of the Ordinary Extraordinary FriendsTale time Publishing, 1996
Miracle Galaxy Azatlan Publishing, 2007
Dodoland Adventures Azatlan Publishing, 2009
Journey to a Lotus. Azatlan, 2011
Dream Wheels Azatlan Publishing, 2013
Spirit Storybooks (Painted) written Aaron Zerah ABC Publishing 2014
Bali feeds our Souls Azatlan Publishing 2015
Bali feeds our Dreams Azatlan Publishing 2016
Imagination Reigns Azatlan Publishing 2017
Imagination Reigns Azatlan Publishing 2017
Art for One World Azatlan Publishing 2018
Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth Azatlan Publishing 2018
Star Galaxy for the World Azatlan Publishing 2019
Earth Action Azatlan Publishing 2021


Della Burford

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Speaking InformationDella has presented on such topics as "Teaching the Environment in a Creative Way" to librarians at the MSSB in Toronto, "People Making a Difference" at + read more Toronto Library - Windstar Event, "Encouraging Creativity and Imagination" to Teachers in Guatemala. She also led workshops in
"Creating & Manifesting Healing Stories/Art" for Yourself & the World in Holland & "Painting your Dreams" at the Spirit of Writing and Art in Bali.
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  • Grades K-3
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  • Grades 7-8
  • High School
  • College / University / Adult

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Testimonials"Della Burford embodies the environmentally aware imagination. For
decades, she has been + read more telling and displaying story in an approachable
way that is participatory fun for children and young adults. Della
has travelled widely to personally present her multimedia
performances, transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries. At
the same time, she has kept abreast of burgeoning modern technologies
to disseminate the word for environmental consciousness through
various art forms. Della presents such essential work as play and in
so engaging her audience to act for sustainability."

Penn Kemp, Creative Aging London Writer in Residence, Show Less
The work and journey Della has been on bringing her dreams to life and fruition – through her 38 + read more year journey with the Dream Mandalas – is worthy of both the artist and the exacting scientist who develops a reproducible method that others can follow to realize their mythic imaginations.
Mark Jenkins Training Designer | Storytelling Coach | Idea Generator | Facilitator | Software Developer | Memory Care Specialist
Storied Ground University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada Area
"Della's work reflects the daughter of the Eternal and enchants us back into balance, helping us
to align the stories we tell ourselves with the story intended for us to bring forth to the world."

"Della's book of words and images is an autobiographical account that bridges the beauty and wisdom
of the collective unconscious with our waking life."
Prof Phil's Testimonials for "Journey to a Lotus" and the "Dream Wheels" book Show Less
"Della is one of our original interdisciplinary artists in residence in dozens of schools where she + read more combined art and writing and storytelling, often utilizing her own publications that have been shared. She has worked with young people and teachers all over the world. Della brings immense artistic talent and skill in art and creative writing. Della incorporates mythology, poetry and real life environmental problems and moral values for healing into her work with young people and finding one's own personal myth."
Jane Howard Baker, Executive Director, Inner City Angels

"From her awe-inspiring and radiant art to the sheer and simple beauty of her stories, Della Burford's work touches
the soul of even those who have lived many years beyond the innocence and openness of childhood. She is the jewel
in the lotus, the angel with a message of peace, and the one who illustrates ( literally and actually) that living the
dream of love among all people in the world is possible!"
Aaron Zerah
Author of Souls Almanac
Everyday is a Blessing
How the Children became Stars Show Less

Awards and Recognition:PIA Award, graphic arts award from the printers industries of America for Journey to Dodoland, + show more 1999.
Award - First prize for Graphic Art in Visionary Art category in Art show in Moscow... also remote speaker at conference - video available Show Less