About MeI'm a children's poet or, as author/illustrator Christina Leist* so creatively dubbed me, a word acrobat. I've written several critically acclaimed collections + read more of humorous verse for kids and am now writing picture books too. My poems have been featured in Chirp magazine, on buses for Poetry in Transit and on a plaque at Kits Beach as part of the Reading Lights initiative. For over a decade, I've been entertaining kids of all ages with interactive poetry performances at schools and libraries, as well as at public events, like Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary celebration. I live in Maple Ridge with my husband, three kids and a plethora of pets.
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Tiffany Stone (author) and Ashley Spires (illustrator)
Greystone Kids, 2023
Hardcover: picture book; 36 pages
Ages 4 - 8
ISBN 13: 9781771646567

Tiffany Stone (author) and Ashlyn Anstee (illustrator)
Greystone Kids, 2021
Hardcover: picture book; 44 pages
Ages 4 - 8
ISBN 13: 9781771646208

Tiffany Stone (author) and Mike Lowery (illustrator)
Dial Books, 2021
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 4 - 8
ISBN 13: 9780735230811
Ebook available

Tiffany Stone (author) and Louis Thomas (illustrator)
Schwartz & Wade, 2020
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 3 - 7
ISBN 13: 9781984848529
Ebook available

Tiffany Stone (author) and Mike Lowery (illustrator)
Dial Books, 2020
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 4 - 8
ISBN 13: 9780735230804
Ebook available

Tiffany Stone (author) and Sandy Nichols (illustrator)
Annick Press, 2019
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 5 - 7
ISBN 13: 9781773213071
Ebook available

Tiffany Stone (author) and Holly Hatam (illustrator)
Annick Press, 2018
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 4 - 7
ISBN 13: 9781773210018
Ebook available
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Tiffany Stone (author) and Jori van der Linde (illustrator)
Simply Read Books, 2016
Hardcover; picture book; 32 pages
Ages 3 - 7
ISBN 13: 9781927018675

Tiffany Stone (author) and Stefan Czernecki (illustrator)
Tradewind Books, 2013
Hardcover; poetry picture book; 32 pages
Ages 3 - 7
ISBN 13: 9781896580852

Tiffany Stone (author) and Christina Leist (illustrator)
Tradewind Books, 2006
Paperback; poetry; 64 pages
Ages 6 - 9
ISBN 13: 9781896580364

Tiffany Stone (author) and Kathryn Shoemaker (illustrator)
Tradewind Books, 2004
Paperback; poetry; 64 pages
Ages 6 - 9
ISBN: 1896580580

Speaking InformationFor preschool, kindergarten and grade 1, my presentation is an interactive performance of a variety of my published poems, using props and puppets and + read more encouraging a great deal of audience participation. I find 30-minute sessions are ideal for short attention spans.

For grades 2, 3 and 4 (and sometimes 5 and even 6), I can add a game that introduces/reinforces poetic devices, such as alliteration and similes, as well as a group poetry writing activity involving rhyme and rhythm. I recommend 30 to 45 minutes per session.

For workshops, I often get students (including adults) to write their way from simple non-rhyming adjective poems describing a favourite animal or food, to colour simile poems incorporating the senses in unexpected ways (Red smells like…), to creating ‘found’ poems by tearing words out of newspapers, to venturing into rhymed poetry by writing their own verses to Dennis Lee’s “Alligator Pie.” I recommend an hour or more for workshops.

I can also include my picture books in my presentation or create a presentation around a theme linked to them, such as life cycles, seasons or environmental stewardship (Tree Song) and music (Tallulah Plays the Tuba). Show Less

    I will visit:
  • Vancouver
  • Coast
  • Lower Mainland
  • Gulf and Vancouver Islands
  • Thompson Okanagan
  • Northern British Columbia
  • Cariboo Chilcotin Coast
  • Kootenay Rockies
  • The Territories
  • Canada - beyond BC
  • USA
  • Virtually

    I Present to Age Groups:
  • Primary School
  • Grades K-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • College / University / Adult

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Testimonials"The children were very excited to meet a “real live poet” and Miss Stone did not disappoint. She + read more was an animated performer and shared her work with passion and enthusiasm. The students were fully engaged from the moment she entered the room with her bag full of fantastic props."
-Grade 2 teacher, Vancouver, BC Show Less
"The students and teachers were all very impressed with Tiffany Stone and the teachers used her + read more presentation as a jumping board for poetry lessons in the classroom. Having a local poet was inspiring for students and made poetry come alive for them."
-Teacher-Librarian, Langley, BC Show Less

Awards and Recognition:KNOT CANNOT was a 2021 Gryphon Honor Book.

RAINBOW SHOES was a finalist for the 2013 BC + show more Book Prize's Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize.

FLOYD THE FLAMINGO AND HIS FLOCK OF FRIENDS won third place in the picture book category at BC’s Chocolate Lily Young Reader’s Choice Awards in 2006.
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