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I was born in England, moved to Newfoundland in my twenties and then moved againin my forties to Victoria BC, where I am very happily settled.
Like + read more many people I have had an eclectic career path, one that has led me from teacher to architectural technician, book designer, illustrator, artist and now new author of a fantasy adventure book for 8 - 12 year olds.
I am a firm believer in the enduring power of imagination and creativity, and I'm very happy that "Finding the Time for Dragons" has found its way into so many children's lives. Most people ask me if it is illustrated, it isn't, but the cover art is mine.
Now retired, I am usually found in my studio, busy writing a sequel, while continuing to paint and draw as the spirit moves. Show Less

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Published WorksMiddle Grade Fiction

Finding the Time for Dragons
Friesen Press, 2020
978-1-5255-6804-6 ( e-book )
978-1-5255-6803-9 ( paperback )
978-1-5255-6802-2 ( hardcover )

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