About MeMy mission is to nurture a love of nature in little ones with big imaginations.

I write children’s poetry with respect for my audience. I take a + read more fun and fresh approach to subjects that are close to my heart. I write the books I would have loved to read as a child. (And the books adults love to read to children today!)

I am unapologetically observational, analytical, lyrical, and optimistic.

I am a resident of beautiful White Rock BC where I often take my kayak into the bay. My love of nature is reflected in The Naturally Curious series.

My debut children’s poetry and picture book, What The Seal Saw, won the coveted Indigo Chapter’s Heather’s Pick award. My second book, My S’s Are Messes has been an amazon best-selling book for children with disabilities.

When I am not writing books or kayaking, I enjoy being a guest speaker at schools and conferences. I am also an IT Analyst. I encourage my readers to Lead With Curiosity!

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Published WorksWHAT THE SEAL SAW

Have you ever seen an animal in nature?
Maybe it was a deer, or an owl, or a bunny, or a seal.
Did you have a magical moment where you were looking at them and they were looking at you?
Did you wonder what they saw?
Did you wish you could follow your new friend?

Explore a world of wonder through the pages of this engaging story and you, too, can see What The Seal Saw.


It’s not fair! The sounds are misbehaving and the children have to work extra hard to get them to do what they’re supposed to do. L’s run away and turn into W’s; the Shhhh sound pops up all over and won’t stay where it should; some sounds get stuck in odd places, and others play hide and seek.

Based on the lived experience of the author, who has speech sound disorders, this heartfelt story emphasizes patience and understanding.

Full of tongue twisters, empathy, and fun, this uplifting book takes a fresh approach to living with speech differences.

The message is clear - you are not alone, we see how hard you’re working, and there’s no mistaking how we feel when we speak heart to heart.

Speaking InformationI am a seasoned Corporate, School, and Community Speaker. I truly love sparking that 'I can do it!' response from every audience I engage - from energetic + read more preschoolers, to understandably tired and skeptic business professionals.


Preschoolers, K-2 Storytime, Seal/Alphabet Yoga, The Story of How I made a Story

Grades 3-6 Storytelling, Making Of A Book (with an emphasis on being OK with making mistakes), Diversity acceptance/mentoring, Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Older Students Career Prep, Technology, Business Analysis, Product Management, careers as a Creative, Own Your Story – Self Esteem, SEL
Custom Presentations


I teach people how to embrace their creative side, have fun with their inner artist, and finally finish that creative project they’ve been dreaming of for years – all while keeping their day job (and learning new ways to do it even better).

Additionally, I help Creatives market and sell their products with comfort, clarity, and confidence.


Custom Presentations are always an option! I’m happy to work with you on specific learning objectives or organizational goals. I'm particularly interested in understanding and speaking to your Core Values.

My personal core values are: Truthfulness, Purpose, and Adventure Show Less

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  • Gulf and Vancouver Islands
  • Thompson Okanagan
  • Virtually

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